OÜ Kriskal was founded in 1992, production was started in 1994.
We are located in Europe, capital of Estonia - Tallinn, being one of the first similar businesses in that region.
OÜ Kriskal is a 100% Estonian-owned company. It consists of 3 stockholders, all of whom give their contribution to the company's success and participate in the company's management.
Due to growing popularity of shrimp and crab imitation products during the 90-s, a favourable situation occurred for introducing analogous, close to natural products to the market.
Delicious taste, fine structure, easiness of use and moderate price helped to build the road to this branch of production.
The activity of OÜ Kriskal is mainly the production of seafood imitations on the basis of protein technology (fish, meat and egg protein). We have remained true to our initial idea and enriched our production assortment being guided by the considerations of interests and eating habits of the buyers, by the demand and the comfort in use.
One of our most interesting lines of production are caviar imitation products.
These have found their buyer and are ideal for substituting natural caviar.
We hope you will enjoy OÜ Kriskal's products and wish you pleasant contacts through the mediation of alimentation.

About us